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Jennifer Roberts, a top speaker of ‘Outsource People 2015’, conducted a one-day workshop for OSTWARE SERVICES

How to talk to and understand a customer from the USA? On the modern IT market that is developing at arapid-fire pace, knowing English is not enough. A famous business communication trainer, Jennifer Roberts, 

taught OSTWARE SERVICES how to overcome cultural differences and really learn how to understand your American partner.

Jennifer Roberts, a top-ranking trainer in the sphere of marketing consultancy and business communication, a cofounder of Ekipa.co that cooperates with IT teams from all over the world, conducted a workshop

‘Intercultural Sales Cycles: Sell and Retain USA Clients’ for Lviv IT company OSTWARE SERVICES.

Within the scope of the workshop Jennifer shared her professional experience of working for big corporations, such as Google, and described the main problems and peculiarities of remote collaboration of Ukrainian IT

specialists with western customers.

The main idea of the workshop was to highlight the differences between Ukrainian and US business cultures, which to a wide extent influence the delivery efficiency for the companies from these countries. From her own

experience of working with Ukrainian teams, the trainer outlined the most common mistakes which the Ukrainians make when working with western customers, and shared the effective practices of business

communication used by world’s leading companies on a day-to-day basis. What is most important, workshop participants had a hands-on possibility to practise the suggested techniques using examples from their real

professional experience.

The topic of the workshop is timely and relevant for OSTWARE SERVICES, as well as for most IT companies in Ukraine that work with American customers. The company’s Business Development Director Yaroslav

Berezhanskyy stated that such workshops are necessary to increase the managers’ professional skills and to achieve the major goal of any company, customer’s satisfaction, and build long-lasting and strong business

relationships with western partners.

‘Such training is necessary for us as we are directly collaborating with world leaders in the sphere of semiconductors for Networks and Telecommunication, and it is essential for us to maintain a high level and

achieve results, which makes our clients cooperate with us again and again,’ said Yaroslav Berezhanskyy. ‘In the workshop our colleagues not only gained theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in holding negotiations

with American customers.’


With a sure step towards new horizons

Our company OSTWARE SERVICES has joined the ranks of IT Cluster’s members recently.

The crucial factor to enter the Cluster was our belief in the fact that only with joint efforts Ukrainians IT sphere will become more proffesional and successful. Due to dynamic growth and new high-tech projects, our Company's specialists gained considerable experience that we are willing and will be happy to share with our Lviv colleagues.

OSTWARE SERVICES has greate experiance in organization and conducting internal technical clubs and hackathons, which we are planning to organize outside the сompany opening ourselves to and sharing knowledge with the world.   

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster, stated: ‘Lviv IT Cluster is proud of the fact that our organization is constantly expanding with the help of such powerful companies as OSTWARE SERVICES. All of us clearly realize that positive changes in the IT sphere are possible only through maximum possible level collaboration. We are sure that our combined work will result in favorable results in the nearest future’.



A friendly OSTWARE SERVICES team took part in the 7th International Vacancies Fair for IT specialists – Carrer4it

By winning friends we become successful!

On Saturday, June 6, Ukrainian Catholic University warmly welcomed hundreds of visitors and the representatives of almost ten IT companies from Lviv.

At the fair OSTWARE SERVICES team talked about our company and various possibilities we offer to our employees. We met our old friends, found a lot of new ones, and we expect this is the beginning of a new friendship and effective cooperation.

A conference where our speakers gave speeches was held within the framework of the fair. Our experienced HR manager revealed the secrets of how to become the candidate that the recruiter will notice, how to be successful at the job interview and get the job in the company of your dreams. While our technical guru acquainted the listeners with difficult and interesting fields of SDN, Networking, and Embedded systems.

That was informative, professional, and interesting. And a nice family of Ostwiks touched everyone’s feelings and gained affection of the guests.

Thanks to our friends for support and our guests for interest! 


A sound mind in a sound body! OSTWARE SERVICES team in the futsal tournament.

OSTWARE SERVICES adheres to the idea of healthy lifestyle and not less active and healthy rest. That’s why we often take part in different sports tournaments. A yearly futsal tournament held at ‘Elektron’ stadium on May 24 was organized by the European Business Association together with the Amateur Futsal Association of Ukraine.

Over 20 teams took part in the tournament. These were the representatives of different companies of the city of Lviv. A hot contest lasted for more than 8 hours resulting in our team successfully reaching the quarter-final. To have a good team spirit the HR Department didn’t leave our football players alone but organized strong support. 

Congrats to our sportsmen on making a good showing. Wish you outstanding sporting achievements in the future!



Forewarned is forearmed | Fire safety training for Ostware Services employees

On April 29 all employees of OSTWARE SERVICES as a united team underwent fire safety and civil protection training to be able to protect themselves and cope with emergency.

There were lectures from the representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, practical evacuation trainings, familiarizing with special machines work and specific character of rescue and salvage operations – everything to make trainings not only informative, but also interesting.

To get more information and see us during the training, please follow the link



Changing the company name - Brand new concept, the same professionalism!

Why did we change the company name?

In the life of every company, there comes a period of fundamental changes, bringing new strategies, partners, customers, and considerable expansion of expertise. These changes affect the inner world of the company as well – enhanced organizational structure, more effective work methods, and simply lots of fresh faces :) In case of Toroki Ukraina, the changes were considerable enough to transform the company in a number of ways. We have left behind everything obsolete and unnecessary, introduced many useful innovations, but most importantly, we have preserved our most valuable asset – a well-coordinated and professional team. To let the world know that we have progressed to a new level of quality, we have decided to change the company name to OSTWARE SERVICES.


The name OSTWARE SERVICES was chosen due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the word “OSTWARE” implies the idea of our location in the Eastern Europe, as well as alludes to the word “software”. «SERVICES» demonstrates the key focus of our company – providing quality services in software engineering.

We are open to new cooperation possibilities, and are looking for skilled people to join our team. Looking forward to working with you!


PyTest inventor Holger Krekel conducts a training at our company

We have invited a German IT-specialist Holger Krekel to conduct a training on PyTest for our employees. The team of our automation testers attended Holger’s classes during three days, and it was certainly a unique experience.

Holger Krekel is known for inventing PyTest – a popular automation framework. It was the first time he visited Ukraine, and the first time he worked with Ukrainian IT-specialists. “I was particularly impressed by the high level of participants’ knowledge”, commented Holger. “It was not any different from what I see at the courses in Germany, England, or the US”.

Our employees were extremely happy to learn from Holger, and impressed by his professionalism and unparalleled experience. The company’s General Manager Mykhailo Fliorko pointed out that the training’s productivity exceeded all expectations, having enriched our testers’ expertise and experience.
See more here 


Our employee Igor Chornei wins "To office by bike" competition

“To work by bike” is a bicycle race that took place in Lviv on September, 21.  The winner of the race is Igor Chorney, our employee. Igor passed the distance of 4 km. in 6 min. 23 sec.

We congratulate Igor with this victory and wish him new achievements in the future.

The bike race was organized among employees of IT companies of Lviv as a part of European mobility Week 2012 celebration. More than 70 employees from 33 Lviv IT companies participated in the competition, so we are even more grateful to celebrate the victory of our employee.

We encourage our workers to ride bikes and a lot of employees do travel to work by bicycles.  

We welcome other IT companies to join this move, and then our city will be cleaner for us and for visitors.

Igor with a cake


Our company plays paintball

During years of close work, our team has established the tradition of participating in active outdoor activities. The company continuously grows and it is extremely important to spend some quality time together, get to know each other and communicate. And this time we’ve decided to combine business with pleasure and organized a corporate game of paintball. Every team chose their war strategy, planned the tactics and used bona fide battle attributes.  Sometimes seriousness of the game triumphed over the fun, active offensive tactics of some teams met trench war strategies of other; nevertheless, it was only a game and friendship and corporate culture prevailed.