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Software Engineering

Providing solutions in the area of software engineering, OSTWARE SERVICES offers high quality services brought to you by experienced and skilled professionals. We have carried out many successful projects and thus gained deep expertise in the area of Embedded Systems software development.

Low-level software development can be tricky, but our team is used to tackling complicated and challenging tasks on a daily basis.
We can accomplish different kinds of software development services, among which are the following:

Embedded Applications

  • Embedded application architecture & design
  • Subsystems & components  design
  • OS integration
  • Software adaptation for new HW (BSP, SDK and others)
  • UI for embedded systems (web & desktop tools)
  • Network management protocols

Platforms Integration

  • Cross-platform development
  • Application porting
  • Open Source and 3rd party software integration


  • OSI Layer 2 & 3 (Ethernet, Switching, Routing)
  • IP/IPv6 stack and Networking applications
  • Embedded networking
  • Switching silicon

Operating Systems

  • WindRiver Linux
  • VxWorks RTOS
  • Embedded Linux
  • ECOS