Decoding Wireline Services: An Overview Of The Basics!

Field exploration, maximizing production, and reducing on-site issues – These are some of the common concerns of the oil and gas industry. For the uninitiated, wireline services refer to services, which help companies in gathering data about oil fields, with the help with electric cables that are called “wirelines”. The need for wireline services and things like micro gas mitigation program are paramount for this industry, and companies that are engaged in field exploration rely on these services for both evaluation as well as intervention, as needed.

Understanding further

Outsourcing wireline data needs to a third-party service is a common practice in the oil/gas industry, and companies that are involved in the job work on all aspects. They could be involved in the early exploration of the field, or may help in production for mature fields. These companies invest heavily in their services and solutions, often in technologies and systems that are exclusive to their expertise. By hiring wirelines services, companies exploring fields or engaging in production can gain the required flexibility in operations, as many of these technologies operate in the memory mode, rather than just in real time.

The need for wireline services

Industries related to oil, petroleum, gas often need to rely on wireline services for their maintenance needs, and also for deep exploration. The use of cabling technology by these services allow clients to take on different range of tasks, right from evaluation of reservoir in an oil field to recovery of pipes and even interventions. Wirelines are not same as slicklines as many people assume, because slicklines are basically used for delivering certain tools inside the concerned well. In case of slicklines, only one-strand cable is used, and these are not electric. Slicklines are required for gas and oil industries, but for more evaluation and to get real data, the dependency on wireline services is real.

More things to know

If your company is engaging wireline services, find a company that has professional and experienced personnel, who can work around your company goals and offer comprehensive assistance with regards to cased-hole completions. What they bring in terms of technologies and solutions must be evaluated, because your operations and ability to explore depends on it. The need for comprehensive wirelines services in the oil and gas industry cannot be ignored, and expertise counts more than anything else.

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