How To Run SEO Campaign For A Brand New Website?

It’s always easy to rank an old website that has been in existence for years. But for some reason if you have decided to build a website from scratch, you need to plan its SEO campaign Singapore strategically. Since this site doesn’t have any social signal or backlink pointing to it, when you post content, it won’t rank as easily and quickly as it would have ranked on an aged website. So, you need to make some changes in your strategy.

The first important point here is to post long-form content on a regular basis for the next 4-8 weeks before trying to build any link to it. Furthermore, you need to try and get as many organic social signals as possible. It can be done by sharing your posts on various social media platforms.  Once you are past the initial 4-8 weeks, you can start building links slowly. This process will surely take at least four to six months before you can see any noticeable result. So, have patience and keep working on your site’s SEO.


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