Tips to Avoid Mechanical Seal Leakage in A Centrifugal Pump

The centrifugal pumps are extremely important for the transfer of fluids. It is a type of pump that makes use of a rotating impeller to move the fluids with the help of a centrifugal pump. If there is a failure of certain components of the pump it may result in leakage. It has been observed that majority of pumps fail due to the malfunctioning of the sealing device.

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The Necessity of Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seal is a device which ensures that the pumps do not have any kind of leakage because it spoils the rest of the machine. It is a highly important part of your appliance as it contains the pumps and mixers. Before the invention of these seals, the pumps were packed with the help of mechanical packing.

The Sealing Device Failures

When you notice uncontrolled leakage in a centrifugal pump, it is necessary to check the causes responsible for the same. It helps you in deciding whether the repair is needed or a new installation is required.

Operational Failures

Each pump has a specific capability and can perform up to a certain limit. If you go beyond that limit there can be the failure of the sealing device. The operational failures can be like dry running and inappropriate venting of the seal, the flow of the fluid is choked which generates heat and leads to the failure of the seal.

Mechanical Failures

These occur due to the misalignment of the shaft. You need to check the bearings to avoid vibration in the pump.

Seal Component Failure

The components of the seals need to be fit for your application. gaskets and o- rings should be prepared to handle the heat attacks. The springs should not be clogged.

System Design Failure

It is essential to have a desirable seal flush arrangement having adequate cooling. The pipes need to be engineered properly if these have undergone some repairs previously.


Thus, mechanical seals are the important components which ensure reliability of the equipment. The leakage of the system occurs due to their failure. These indicate the damages which may happen in future. Its durability and proper functioning depend on the seal design and the way it is operated.


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