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OSTWARE SERVICES is a software development outsourcing company. We provide software engineering and testing services in the domains of Embedded systems, Telecommunication, and Multimedia.

At the beginning of 2014, OSTWARE SERVICES company, previously known as Toroki Ukraina, has undergone a rebranding process and entered a new stage of its development.

Our key values are experienced and skilled people, team spirit, and professional growth of our employees and the company in general.

Cooperation with some of the leading high-tech companies helps us comprehend the most up-to-date trends in the domain of embedded systems and related technologies. Throughout years of dedicated work, we have gained invaluable experience and developed good background knowledge in our niche areas. We have an in-depth understanding of software development processes and their establishment on practice.

Our Mission

We turn the passion and expertise of our software engineers into business success of our customers.

Our Values

  • People, not resources. We care about every employee’s professional growth, proper working conditions, and comfort. For us, employees are not an expendable resource, but an integral part of the team.
  • Customers. We are willing to cooperate with every company working in our area, regardless of its size, location, and other factors. The best customer is the one who shares our enthusiasm for challenging projects, defines quality as their main criterion, and values team spirit and team work.
  • Team spirit. It is our utmost belief that success can be achieved only with real team work, friendly atmosphere, and desire to take on challenging tasks.

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Software Engineering

Providing solutions in the area of software engineering, OSTWARE SERVICES offers high quality services brought to you by experienced and skilled professionals. We have carried out many successful projects and thus gained deep expertise in the area of Embedded Systems software development.

Low-level software development can be tricky, but our team is used to tackling complicated and challenging tasks on a daily basis.

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Software Testing and QA

OSTWARE SERVICES team offers testing services for your software. Our quality assurance (QA) specialists can organize work process in remote labs, provide estimation of scope of work, resources, time, and assist you with setting a testing task.

We can develop a custom Test Automation Framework tailored specifically to your product. OSTWARE SERVICES QA specialists can conduct different types of testing, including regression testing and optimization, your product conformance, stress testing, system end testing, performance testing and others.


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Software Maintenance and Support

One of the most important stages of software development life cycle is the product usage, which requires timely support and assistance. OSTWARE SERVICES team offers a full range of support and maintenance services. We have all the necessary tools and practices for maintaining and supporting products of different types and levels of complication.

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Forewarned is forearmed | Fire safety training for Ostware Services employees

On April 29 all employees of OSTWARE SERVICES as a united team underwent fire safety and civil protection training to be able to protect themselves and cope with emergency.

There were lectures from the representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, practical evacuation trainings, familiarizing with special machines work and specific character of rescue and salvage operations – everything to make trainings not only informative, but also interesting.

To get more information and see us during the training, please follow the link


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