The Happy Island Nation Of Vanuatu

The Republic of Vanuatu is a Pacific Island nation comprised of a string of more than 80 islands that were once known as the New Hebrides, they achieved independence from France and Britain in 1980. The name Vanuatu comes from the word vanua, meaning “land” or “home” in several Austronesian languages, combined with the word tu, meaning “to stand”. The two words together refer to the now independent status of the country. Most of Vanuatu’s islands are inhabited, and some are home to active volcanoes. The islands are mountainous and mostly covered by tropical rainforests.

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise and is often listed as one of the happiest nations on Earth. The economy is based mostly on agriculture, with local farmers producing coconuts, bananas, and traditional roots and tubers. Fishing is also a major industry, although most of it is used to feed the local populace and not exported. Considering all of the natural beauty and cultural heritage Vanuatu has to offer, tourism is not too surprisingly the nation’s fastest-growing sector, Vanuatu recorded a total of 82,400 tourists in 2020 generating around 2.20 million US dollars. Foreign investors are quite welcome, and those seeking Vanuatu business advice will find a very helpful and friendly reception. Vanuatu enjoys the status of being a tax haven and international financial centre.

The deep-rooted culture of Vanuatu is a source of pride, and the locals are eager to share it with interested visitors. Special cultural villages are maintained throughout the islands so people can experience Vanuatu’s old ways. The country’s ni-Vanuatu people are of Melanesian descent and are renowned for their openness regarding outriders, they really enjoy talking about their history, culture, and ancestry. The ni-Vanuatu, are often described as typical island folk, they are friendly, chilled out, happy, relaxed, always smiling, and always ready to help anyone in need. Vanuatu currently comes in at number four on the World Happiness Index, It’s really not hard to see why considering they live in one of the most beautiful, friendliest countries in the world!

Along with all that Vanuatu offers some of the best fresh produce in the South Pacific from the land and sea, and all tasty! Vanuatu’s chocolate is world famous, with each island boasting its own unique taste, and has won several international awards for excellence. Delicious cuisine is just another of the many wonderful things Vanuatu has to offer.