If You Suspect There Is Asbestos – Call Out The Professionals.

If you have an inclination that there may be asbestos contained within your Australian property, the first thing that you need to establish is how old your property actually is. If it is an old-style building and it’s 40 to 50 years old or more then there is a high probability that asbestos may have been used in the whole building process. The thing to remember here is that it is relatively safe as long as you don’t touch it or break it up. If you suspect that there may be asbestos contained within your building then the first thing that you need to do is to call out the Australian professionals to let them assess the situation and to properly deal with it.

When it comes to asbestos removal, you must always turn to people who know exactly what they’re doing and who have gone through lots of training to allow them to be able to remove it safely and quickly. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, you should know that it is a very carcinogenic material that if breathed in, may cause you to develop lung issues including lung cancer. It is to be avoided at all costs and so the following are some of the reasons why if you suspect there is asbestos within your building, you need to call out the professionals.

  • Safe disposal – This is not something that you can just put in a bag and then take off to the local dump and just throw it there. It presents a clear and present danger to anyone that comes into contact with it and so it must be taken to an appointed government site where it will be disposed of in the correct manner.
  • Health & safety in mind – There are many health and safety rules that need to be followed when assessing if this is indeed asbestos and if it is, making sure that everyone is evacuated from the building until the situation is under control.
  • Knowledge & skills – Your service provider will have gone through many stringent courses training about asbestos and the dangers that it presents. They will also have learned how to remove it safely, store it, and later get rid of it in an environmentally responsible way.

If you suspect that there is asbestos within your building, then step away from it and call out the people who know.


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