Bed Bugs 101: Finding The Signs And Calling A Pest Control Service!

Compared to rodents and some other pests, such as roaches, bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, according to WebMD. These are nasty pests nevertheless, and if you believe a case of bed bug infestation at home, you should call an exterminator as quickly as possible. There are many pest-control companies that deal in bed bug removal in Chesapeake, but before you select one, here are some quick aspects worth knowing.

Basics about bed bugs

It’s a common myth that bed bugs can fly, probably because many bugs do. However, bed bugs can move really quickly. Also, bed bugs can thrive in any home, so just because you have these pests at home doesn’t mean that your home is filthy. These pests are most active at night, although in case of extreme infestation, you can spot bed bugs in the daytime, as well.

What are the signs of bed bug infestation?

If you are waking up everyday to itchy areas on the skin, you may want to get your bed checked for bedbugs. Old, used furniture are more likely to have these pests, but that is not always the case. You may also find signs like blood stains on the sheets, pillows, dark spots on the sheets (can be bedbug excrement), shed skin and a strange odor that’s anything but pleasant. You can do a visual infestation to find the possible signs of bedbugs too.

Calling for professional help

You should call for bed bug control immediately after spotting the first sign. There are DIY solutions and products that promise to get rid of these pests, but the actual infestation case can be more severe than you imagine. Call the experts as soon as possible, and as required, they will recommend an extermination process. This is a onetime process, and many companies will even offer a warranty on the job.

Finding a pest control company

As in any industry, not all pest control companies are same, so do you homework and select one that has good reviews in your area. You also need to be sure that the company specializes in removal of bedbugs, and they need to be responsive, offering immediate assistance for your situation. You can ask for an estimate in advance, although that shouldn’t be the only reason to select a company for the job.

Don’t delay in seeking help for bedbugs – You wouldn’t want to lose your sleep over petty pests!


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