The Many Uses For Hydraulics In The Australian Business & Home Arena.

Manufacturing alone makes up almost 7% of the Australian economy so it would be fairly accurate to say that most Australian businesses use hydraulics in some way every single day that they are open for business. The same applies to the many homes all across the country that use different kinds of machinery in the kitchen and around the home every single day. When we think of hydraulics however, we do think about industry and the use of hydraulics in heavy equipment and machinery that is used in the mining industry for example. If things are too big to move by human hand then hydraulics are incorporated so that things can be transported and lifted with ease.

We rely heavily on Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing to supply us with what we need to make hydraulic systems work properly all across Australia. The following are just some of the many uses for hydraulics in Australian business and in homes as well.

  • On your daily commute – The vast majority of us will take our cars and utes to work every single day and we would be unable to stop our cars without the brakes that are installed on them. We use hydraulics for the brake circuits on all of the wheels of our vehicles.
  • When you use the petrol pump – Many of us use petrol for business without really thinking about what it is that gets the fuel from the storage tanks up and into your petrol or diesel tank. The answer is of course, hydraulics.
  • For business & personal travel – Australia is a huge country and so making your way across it to go to business conferences or to go and meet family members that you have not seen in some time usually means booking a flight. Hydraulic systems and mechanisms are used here too. The flaps on the aeroplane and the landing gear below would not operate without hydraulics.

It is true that hydraulic systems are used extensively in the construction industry and we use things such as forklifts in the warehouse, cranes on the work site and many other pieces of heavy equipment and machinery that make life easier for everyone. Life would be so much more difficult without the use of hydraulics and business would very likely grind to a halt if hydraulic systems were no longer in operation tomorrow.



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