When You Might Require the Services of a Private Investigator

The classic image of a private investigator is a hard-bitten fellow working out of a dingy third-floor office in the wrong part of town, his fedora, overcoat, and revolver hang from a coat rack near the door, and his feet are propped up on a desk cluttered with old papers and photographs whilst he smokes a pack of Winfields and flicks the ashes on the floor. The thing is, the reality is really very different! There are 25,000 licence-holding private investigators in Australia who have backgrounds in the military and law enforcement. They are consummate professionals dedicated to helping people with problems that are simply too big (or dangerous) to grapple with themselves!

It takes a lot of training, intelligence, and guts to be successful in the industry, and with the advent of the online digital world, their beat has grown exponentially wider. All the crimes, scams, and cheats can be found on the modern internet and the computers we use in our daily lives. Luckily, there are specialists who can handle all of it, just contact the professionals at computer forensic at Lyonswood’s investigators, and they will see to it that your digital problems get solved!

Here are some of the cases where it would be best to seek expert help:

Divorce – Probably the most common job that modern investigators are presented with, the hiding of assets by a devious spouse, and marital infidelity just never seem to end. Your Investigator can reveal the truth behind your suspicions, and provide you with the evidence you need if the situation should end up in divorce court.

Surveillance – It may sound like it came right out of the movies, but stakeouts are a fact of life for modern investigators. Observing a situation in person is just one of many aspects of surveillance, the monitoring of communications, and intensive information-gathering interviews also come into play.

Missing Persons – Unfortunately, this is more common than ever in this day and age. Trying to find someone who has disappeared, especially a loved one, is a daunting task for the average person who lacks the training and resources to attack the problem properly. A private investigator knows all the paper trails and avenues to explore to find someone, even if they don’t want to be found!

Child Custody – Another bad situation where the services of a private investigator can mean all the difference to the health and safety of your beloved children. If parents are incapable of reaching an amicable solution, especially if one party has become vindictive, irrational, and secretive, the investigator can get to the bottom of the problem via asset searches and surveillance to make sure each child’s well-being and best interests are protected.

Background Checks – Performing one can be an intensive, demanding task for the uninitiated, but it’s simple for the experts with the connections and resources needed to find out if your future employee, tenant, babysitter, or suitor is everything they say they are!


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