How to Make a Memorable Trade Show Display

Your Tradeshow needs to be memorable. It is essential that people leaving your booth, specifically your target audience, have your logo and your display in their mind days after they have left the show. The question is, how to make that indelible impression.

  • Get Their Attention Early: If you remember nothing else after a trade show, you will still remember some of the visual experiences. You remember the cool booths, and you remember the displays that caught your attention from far away. The ones that built some anticipation while you walked towards them. Even if it turned out that the company was not offering a product you were interested in you still remember it.
  • Professional Presentation: This should be obvious, but it cannot be overstated how important it is to have all your materials and signage, as well as your own appearance to be as professional as possible. This is not the time for do-it-your-self graphics. Your competition is going to spend their money on a first-rate display; you have no choice if you want to compete. A good place to start your search is, a shop that is dedicated to signage.
  • Good Swag: There is a whole industry based around promotional products that companies use as giveaways. These freebies extend your advertising dollar and connect your company with a positive experience. The longer that the product remains in the possession of the potential customer, or the amount of enjoyment a person gets from the freebie, is directly relational to their impression of your company,
  • Professional Assistant: The value of having attractive people representing your product or service has been known for centuries. Even if the spokesperson is simply there to smile and hand out brochures, or to introduce customers to salespeople. The psychological effect is real and beneficial. Immediately your product is given good associations, like health and success and even higher social status. When an attractive, well spoken, well dressed person talks to someone at a trade booth. Responses are almost always more polite and engaged.
  • Information: It is very important to have all your information available. The booth is the centre of knowledge for your company, if the customer can’t get information there, they will find what they need at another booth.

The key to having a memorable trade show or convention booth is to attract attention, give a professional presentation. Associate the product or service with success and have all the information available and easy to understand. Then you will create a positive and memorable experience.


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