What you Might Not Know about Wireline Services

Wireless companies can be hired to perform maintenance services. It could be routine work or in direct response to a recent situation. Wireline services and well capping have been proven highly valuable to oil and gas operators. These services can be deployed under the pressure without damaging the well.

A wireline services company will run a single strand wire or a multiple strand wire into the gas or oil well. This is mean to set the flow control on various devices. Also, it can be done for different processes of cleaning out or placing different instruments that will help in gathering adequate readings of pressure and temperature to establish precise monitoring of the well’s situation.

Which Equipment is Used?

A wireline company may use pressure control equipment designed for enduring extreme temperatures and pressures. This equipment can withstand a high amount of pressure with ease and endure the type of corrosion it may encounter inside a gas or oil well.

Benefits of Wireline Service to the Oil and Gas Industry

Wireline services can be a low-cost solution to fit the most basic needs of the oil and gas industry. Because of their availability, they are highly essential to the industry, especially when facing different issues associated with tubing. Oil and gas well operators find the services helpful in minimizing the costs of both maintenance and production. Also, wireline services can help prolong the well’s lifetime. Moreover, wireline tasks are easily done even if the well is being under pressure. The well won’t require killing because it would cut out the associated costs and issues along with the exercise. With wireline tasks, production can continue without any issue and without losing any time. Killing the well tends to consume a significant amount of time and poses a risk of damage to the well.

Wireline Logging Services

These wireline services offer detailed information on the physical condition of downhole. Different techniques and tools are utilized for measuring the shape, size, and fluid flow in the reservoir. It provides complete detail of the downhole’s physical properties with a clear picture on a computer screen. Also, it offers information on flow rate, residual oil saturation, and fluid type.

Wireline service companies drop down the wireline tools into the well using a cable. They use either electric cable or slickline to lower down the attachments for measuring purposes. Some of the wireline logging equipment used include density logging, acoustic logging, neutron logging, nuclear magnetic resonance, and resistivity log tool.

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